Liberty/Hop Federation/Epic/8 Wired ‘Four The Better’ IPA


imageWe love NZ craft beer and we love all these kiwi breweries. This brew uses four hop varieties and four special malts to form one godlike creation. We are salivating to try this beast.

Poured into a pint, we see a clear golden with moderate carbonation. There is a smallish thin off white head which clings to the glass. Decent citrus aromas like mandarin, maybe some honeydew, almost some tropical fruit in there, with that sweet caramelised malt aroma we see with complex IPAs. First sip is pure joy. Intensely smooth bitterness with mild carbonation on the tongue that blends beautifully with the grapefruit, pine, lime, bit of spice, bit of bread dough and resin from the hops. No real hit of booze burn at all. It’s sitting at 7.8% Alc vol so it’s pretty hefty. Medium body and with great length on the palate. As we imbibe there are just more and more flavours of resin hops, bitterness from the citrus, clean malts, and pine. Patchy lacing down the glass. We love the balance of this beer. Little alcohol burn, some spice, sweetness from the hops and malt, contained bitterness that is smooth on the palate. You really wouldn’t expect anything else, especially since epic and 8 wired are involved here. Very tasty indeed.