Lord Nelson Brewery ‘Old Admiral’ Dark Ale


Lord Nelson Brewery Dark Ale“Old Ale – our strong, full bodied malt driven ale has hints of caramel, balanced with generous hop bitterness. Red with black highlights.”

This is a top shelf beer from this institution of a brewery that is situated in The Rocks, Sydney. Served in a beer tulip it pours a dark brown with a frothy 1 finger brown head that collapses almost instantly to a lonely patch of foam on top. Laced poorly. A very English ale-driven aroma here, very nutty with a tonne of bready and caramel malts coming forward. The firm ABV of 6.1% may also be driving the dark fruity wafts of Christmas cake and ripe cherry that lead to a subtle decadence from hints of chocolate and cocoa, really give this aroma another level of depth and complexity. The taste is quite similar to the aroma with this delicious mix of caramelised toffee, dark malts, rum, subtle alcohol and nuts that finish off a well rounded ale. Quite an oily texture happening in the mouth, the only downside is that it’s a tad slippery and it could be a little fuller. It has a slightly complex flavor so it isn’t a long session beer, we would recommend a pint or two but after that, inebriation comes knocking. Definitely worth a nudge (as it’s quite well priced) and even better on tap at the brewery. A decent beer from a highly regarded brewery here. Good offering.