Lord Nelson brewery ‘ 3 sheets’ pale ale


Lord Nelson brewery pale ale“Lifted florals of citrus with a balanced malty dry finish. Our House Favourite here at The Lord.”

This pale ale is a staple. In usual Lord fashion it’s traditional and highly sessional and we have had many a long night throwing these down at the brewery in The Rocks. OK for the umpteenth time let’s crack this bad boy open. Served in a shaker glass. The clear amber pour knocks up a modest finger of white foam that quickly reduces to a light and filmy overlay. Laced reasonably well considering the lack of persisting head. The aroma offers up floral pine and light citrus notes initially. Hints of passion fruit, mango, rockmelon, marmalade and a soft honey/caramel malt background combine for a vibrant and versatile aroma. Quite a smooth mouth feel with medium body and moderate carbonation. Bitterness is very mild, it’s hardly enough to offer a tickle. Upfront the taste buds enjoy a splash of citrus and peach. Keeping with this summery drop the shortly lived malt-driven mid palate is complimented by a light, crisp finish. The joy in this beer is that it is so sessional. The 4.9% ABV also accommodates for this. It’s a very approachable beer and as we said before we have had numerous long nights at the brewery smashing this beer down so we can definitely recommend you try it, because as far as pale ales go, it’s right up there with some of the best Australia has to offer.