Matso’s brewery mango beer


Matsos brewery mango beer“Matso’s famous Mango Beer is based on a classic Belgium Blonde recipe in the fruit variation. Using a 100% natural mango blend, the brewers have developed an easy drinking beer style with amazing fruit aromas balanced out with sweet dryness. Our Mango Beer brings you back to Broome. Time all year round”.

This is a fruit beer from the brewery in Broome. It has a perfumed mango nose as expected. Unfortunately little else comes forward. Pours a real light golden colour with minimal head and poor lacing. Flavour profile is basically mango essence with some tropical fruit but very very mild. Quite sweet on the palate, almost cloying with no real bitterness or hops that are evident. Medium carbonation. Bit thin and watery in the mouth. Little malt flavour also. All in all, if you like cider then this could easily be you. Otherwise it’s just a light fruit flavoured beer with little else going on. Not our cup of tea, but not completely terrible either. Try their smokey bishop for better and more fuller flavours.