Matso’s chilli beer


image“With the launch of the bottled Matso’s Chilli Beer on the weekend at the Araluen Fremantle Chilli Festival, and the question on everyone’s very hot lips was “Where can I buy it!?””

This one pours a straw like, slightly mild golden colour with no head. There is mild carbonation to the pour. The nose is very lagerish..almost no real aroma other than grains. The flavour is much heat from the chilli. All you get is intense spice on the lips, and back palate. Hard to pick up the malt or hops used here. Behind the heat, is a watery body and sitting at 4.2% very little alcohol hit. Moderate carbonation in the mouth. We can’t get over the burning on the lips. So much so, that after 5 swigs we had to pour out. There is no real pleasure here from a craft perspective cause there is no other depth of flavour other than intense chilli heat. Definate points for spiciness but otherwise not for us.