Meantime coffee porter


imageThis is our first crack at this English breweries range and from the aroma alone we think we’re in for a belter of a porter. Poured into a tulip glass the body displays a very dark brown with little head. The foam settles to a halo around the side of the glass with reasonable lacing being omitted. What we have here is a big, rich aroma that’s being dominated by the gorgeous bitter espresso. Lashings of dark chocolate, tobacco and charred wood with subtle phenols running through. Mild-medium carbonation with a rich, creamy mouth feel. Medium-full body. The front palate provides a well balanced bitterness of the espresso coffee with sweet hints of caramelised toffee and chocolate. The mid-palate eases from bitter espresso into a delicious roasted, nutty finish that lingers well in to the back end. Good length. 6% ABV was spot on. Big fans of coffee porters, and we’re now even bigger fans of this. What a delicious porter…nice work lads.