Mikkeller ‘open windows open hills’ pale ale


image“Named after a Danish elelctro pop group Tiger Baby and its third album ‘Open Windows Open Hills’. To celebrate the release Mikkeller and Tiger Baby brewed a special ‘Open Windows Open Hills’-IPA, which matches the melancholic pop songs.”

Aahh Mikkeller, never brews a bad beer. Very similar to some of the To OL beer labels. This slightly sour pale ale is again, different yet still sticking to tradition. Served in to a shaker glass the slightly hazy amber/orange pour provides a foamy 1 inch white head that slowly diminished to a thin film on top. OK lacing. The gorgeous, yet very modest floral hop aroma is offering resinous hops, pine, herbs, mango, lemongrass and orange zest. Offsetting the citric notes are hints of caramel malt and soft spice. Mild-medium carbonation with a nice,┬áround mouth feel. Decent body. On the palate the sour lemon, grapefruit and passion fruit upfront are accentuated by a dry and assertive bitterness through the mid- palate. The pale malts try helplessly to cut through the citrus but it’s futile as the dry, bitter finish displays good length on the tongue. Again, a modest 5% ABV does the job very nicely. Another one please!