Moa blanc


moa blanc“Moa blanc wheat beer is brewed using a blend of 65% wheat malt and 35% barley malt which results in an elegantly smooth beer, with hints of spice and uplifting esters. The slightly cloudy appearance reflects its Germanic origins and it’s customary to gently roll the bottle before opening to create an even distribution of the sediment signature.”

Once we gave the bottle a bit of a roll we popped and served in to a weizen glass. The ever so slightly hazy pour offers a lovely golden glow with active carbonation. Over the top was a short one finger head that quickly shrunk to a fine covering with a poor display of lacing. Quite a delicate aroma here, we can pick up grainy malt sweetness, spice, orange blossom (also some orange peel), white grapes, pear and some grassy notes. A little bit of a skunky undertone is creeping in but it’s very minimal and far from having any negative effect on the aroma. In the mouth it’s light on with a slick texture. Good carbonation levels and the body is around the mild-medium mark. We’re certainly getting a good suggestion of crisp, citrusy hops and some subtle spice over the gentle wheat malt base on entry. A sweeter touch of orange blossom develops through the mid as a light grainy element works through and leads on to a dry, crisp finish. We like the 5% ABV level, it’s a safe move but it works for this beer. Extremely clean and super sessional Witbier. What we really like is that the 65/35 ratio to wheat and barley malts with a sharp, grassy/citrusy hop profile makes this beer highly drinkable without the dominant wheaty flavours. This would be a perfect accompaniment on a scorching hot day with a big seafood platter. Not bad at all.