Modus Operandi ‘Carribean Queen’ dark ale


image“A sumptuous dark ale brewed with coconut, lactose and milk chocolate. This decadent lady tastes like a Lamington and brings the fat child out in all of us.” Hahaha funny.

Poured into a shaker glass, we see dark brown/Amber with a creamy 10mm tan head that retains exceptionally and is full of compact carbonation. Aromas of chocolate, roasted malts, mild fruit hops and vanilla. First sip yields a rich sweetness with contained bitterness. Flavours consist of mild chocolate, a buttery backbone which must be the coconut used, sweet malts which must include the lactose sugar, a subdued bitterness from the hops, and espresso like flavours. Really tasty. Body is medium to full, with great length. Mild carbonation on the palate, but definitely sipping only for this one due to density and enjoyment. It’s 6.7% Alc vol but you can’t taste any booze burn. Back palate showcases more sweet chocolate, nutty malts, vanilla, and a smoothness that is delicious. So easy to drink. All the flavours just gel really nicely. Coconut is subdued here though. Not the dominant flavour but certainly adds to the fat content or density. The lactose also adds the creaminess that is tasted. We not so sure of the Lamington connotation. Don’t not get that jammy hit. We smelt the mild fruit hop aroma but it doesn’t flow through the palate. The coconut is very mild. Maybe more coconut and slightly more jammy/marmalade hops and this brew would be ┬ákiller. Good beer though.