Moon dog & garage project ‘chocolate salty balls’ stout


image“This is a beer we made with our dear dear friends Garage Project of Wellington. They are a lovely bunch. The beer itself is chocolatey and salty and stouty – much like the name would kinda suggest. The picture on this label is of our brewery dog Tess-dog, wearing a chef’s hat. Perhaps indulgent, but she’s a very gastronomic dog indeed. So it feels right.”

Nice collaboration between these good breweries. In traditional eclectic moon dog style, we are liking the sound of a decadent yet salty stout. Pouring a big and bubbly 1 and a half inch brown head with great retention. Mat black colour. The nose is predominantly reflecting the use of chocolate and roasted malts. Maybe some vanilla. Wafts of espresso, sea salt and some mild peat also on offer. We see on the bottle that cacao nibs are added which gives off the real powdered chocolate aroma. Really nice and creamy mouthfeel, but not too sweet because the end of the palate leaves a savoury flavour which is obviously the addition of salt coming forward. We get minimal hops here, just roasted flavours. Definite bitterness though in the mouth, and this combines with the salt nicely. We love that the 8.2% alc vol it is hidden well by the malt. There is patchy foam sticking to the tulip glass as we push this drop down. From a flavour perspective it’s all there.. Richness from the chocolate, savoury from the salt, and a non dominating bitterness from the magnum hops. We generally always love these beers from the above brewery and this is another. Please keep producing wacky beers guys..we are digging it.