Moondog ‘breakfast of champions’ Bloody Mary red ale


imageThe latest brew from these crazy craft brewers is really appealing to us because we don’t mind a Bloody Mary, and to have it incorporated into a red ale is just bloody genius! The ingredients are as follows…75kg of tomato purée, vegan Worcestershire sauce, celery salt and chilies. This beer could be absolutely brilliant, or terrible. Here goes.

On pouring, there is a lovely amber- red with a surprising amount of carbonation that leaves a minimal head with no lacing. A big whiff elicits definite spice from the chili, but also a cider like or sour aroma, and we see on the bottle that cider yeast is used. First sip is a bit bizarre. You get definite chili, you get definite vegetable salt, and you get that tomato flavour sticking to the back of your throat. This is a mild but certain fishy flavour and this must be the Worcestershire sauce. There is mild carbonation in the mouth, with a medium body and a nice smooth end to it. As you continue to drink, the initial vegetable hit subsides and there is this clean, smooth spice from the chili and a satisfying ale-like flavour. We see this drop is 7.6% but you would never know it as all the other flavours of the Bloody Mary mask it. From a craft beer perspective, it’s a brilliant attempt. We love that a cocktail and a beer have been brewed with excellent results. These guys continue to amaze us…what next? Beef stew beer? We reckon these guys could do it.