Mountain goat IPA


image“We’ve been bringing the IPA out in Rare Breed 640ml format on and off over the last few years and we’ve been getting a load of requests to make it permanent. So here it is. Ale, wheat and crystal malts upfront and Citra and Galaxy hops bring it all home. 65BU. 6.2%ABV. A tough nut, but loveable all the same”.

This, beginning as a rare breed and eventually burgeoning into their core range is an all time IPA. Served in an IPA glass the deep amber pour is showing off attractive copper highlights. The fizzy 1 inch off-white head held up well but eventually fell away to spotty patches of foam on top. OK lacing though. It’s certainly an element this brewery does very well, and that is balancing the aroma. Here we have a superb amalgamation between US Citra, NZ Motueka and Australian Galaxy hops which offer dominant pine resins, chewy caramel, lychee, passion fruit, honey, pineapple, cane sugar and subtle booze. Brilliant aroma. The mouth feel is slick with medium carbonation. Medium body. The flavour is ignited by a boozy sting that is followed by hints of grapefruit and an assertive hop dryness that carries well on through the mid-palate. Sweeter hints of honey and floral pine slightly mute the bitterness but it makes a return in the finish, mirroring the fore-flavour with a slight booze sting in the tail. Good duration on the tongue. The 6.2% ABV plays a character role in the flavour, definitely boosting the bottom end and adding body to this already superb IPA. We just can’t speak highly enough of this brewery, excellent beer.