Mountain goat ‘rare breed’ rye IPA


image“Rare Breed #4 is out and about. Now. It’s a Rye IPA, kinda same same but different to our regular IPA, but we use 20% malted rye in the grist in addition to malted barley. Rye gives a rich nuttiness to the mouthfeel that complements the big hit of galaxy and cascade hops that follows. On the nose it’s all fruity hops – tropical and zingy. The palate is full, bitter and rich – the rye helping out with this. It clocks in at 6.1% abv, 60BUs…”

We’re absolutely loving the rare breed series from the boys south of the border at Mountain Goat. Served in an IPA glass this rye IPA displays a clear amber pour with a quickly diminishing off-white rocky head. Good lacing. Aroma offers up some really good depth. Straight away we got crisp rye, herbs, passion fruit, tang and pine needle with subtle sweet undertones of currants, spice, nuts and toasted bread. A really nice malted rye backbone gives this beer a very nice balance with rich aromas. Very nice. A frothy mouthfeel with medium carbonation and medium-full body. A subtle dry palate reflects hoppy bitterness upfront. Some doughy notes in the mid move forward on to stone fruit and pine with the relatively quiet presence of rye on the back end. A slightly sharp and and dry finish wraps up a surprisingly sessional RIPA. 6.1% ABV is mostly well hidden but pops up in the finish adding to this beers gorgeous body and mild complexity. Big ups boys. Great beer.