Murrays punch and judy’s ale


Murrays punch and judys ale“Murray’s Punch & Judy’s Amber Ale is delicious proof that lower alcohol does not mean less flavour. Our full flavoured English style Ale is rich in nutty, caramel malt flavours with a hop aroma that really packs a punch. A great beer to share with friends”.

Served in an English pint glass. The light chestnut brown appearance offers a soft amber hue and is covered by a dense beige cap, sitting at roughly 1 finger’s height then gradually reducing to a very fine layer with ample lacing being omitted. The nose is certainly malt-heavy with a light floral sweetness and a touch of nutty earthiness coming through. There’s also a really nice arm wrestle between fruity citrus hops, bready malts and sweet caramel being played out too. We get the feeling we’ll be repeating ourselves a bit here, but this is packing some good depth for a low ABV beer (3.9%). In the mouth it’s oily and light on with low carbonation levels. Smooth texture. On entry we get the mildest of bitterness that gives the tongue a slight tingle. Over the caramelly/nutty malts are delicate suggestions of rockmelon, bread and subtle toffee sweetness. A light citrus fruitiness develops late which offers a nice bitterness in the finish. Not a great deal of length but the 3.9% ABV would be the root cause of that. Look, this is a decent beer and for the low ABV the brewer has done well to keep us interested. A little thin at times but hey if you wanted a craft beer but didn’t want to forego any flavour then this is the one to reach for. Not bad.