Norrebro Bryghus ‘Norrebros Julebryg’ Belgian style ale


image“A unique, deep copper coloured ale (7,0 % alcohol) brewed on malts made formĀ  barley, wheat and oats and flavoured with a secret blend of Christmas spices. The beer is full bodiedĀ  with a complex, spicy aroma, rich and sweetish flavour that ends in a slightly bitter finish”.

Norrebro’s Julebryg means “Christmas beer” in Danish. This brewery is amazing…a Danish wildcard that is quite often overlooked. Served in a beer tulip, the muddy brown pour offers attractive burgundy hues when held to the light. Atop the 1 finger off-white head slowly collapsed to patches of foam. Minimal lacing shown. Aroma presents plenty of Belgian characters with clove, nutmeg, yeasty notes, jaffa, pear, toffee and dates coming forward. Mild-medium carbonation with a slightly oily mouth feel. Medium body. Quite a spicy palate with flavours of malt and dark fruits upfront. Hints of clove and raisin in the mid carry forward and deliver a malt-driven finish with raisin notes lingering on the back end. Heavily malted throughout but it really works. 7% ABV is surprisingly well hidden, almost sessional. Very palatable beer, if they weren’t so hard to find we’d be drinking more of these.