Pirate Life Brewing ‘Golden Era’ Golden Ale


15590084_614247198759429_7708386710701734699_n“Collaboration with the Hilltop Hoods’ record label. Like the Hilltop Hoods’ music, Pirate Life’s Golden Era ale is firm but fair.”

Served in a shaker glass. This addition to PL’s repertoire provides a hazy golden amber complexion with a well retained finger of frothy foam on top. She weaves a streaky lace as we indulge.
Geez we can tell it’s a Pirate Life beer instantly. Those crisp and snappy hops hit the olfactory’s first with the bready and slightly sweet caramel notes well integrated. Certainly hoppier than your average Golden Ale – plenty of citrus, passion fruit and herbaceous tones handing it that real American disposition that PL are so well known for.
Good body. A nice, well rounded and creamy texture supports the vibrant Co2 level. The 22 IBU is low but it punches above its weight.
A mild bitterness kicks things off on the palate. Followed by light grapefruit and pine notes that soften in to the kind of sweet, kind of grainy malt middle. A subtle hop dryness carries a tangy citrus accent through to the crisp and accommodating finish. Length is pretty good too, a grippy bitterness along with mild herbal characters linger on the back end.
Although it’s not an overly memorable beer it’s thumbs up all round from us. Excellent brewery, decent record label, interesting back story and Hilltop Hoods don’t fare too badly as well. Golden Ales really aren’t our thing but if we ever had to go back for one this is the one we’d be reaching for. Not bad.