Prickly Moses – Red Ale


Prickly Moses red ale“A medium to full bodied Irish Style Ale beer with a light reddish hue. A malt accented beer which starts with initial malt sweetness and finishes with a dryness from the addition of small quantities of roasted barley.  Kent Golding hops provide the low hop bitterness and aroma which in keeping with this style.  An easy drinking smooth beer.(5.0%)”

A very elegant beer from the classy otway estate in Victoria. Served in a beer tulip, the copper pour constructs a 1 inch beige head that eventually settles to a thick halo with thin patchy foam on top. OK lacing. Very British on the nose, with sweet and sticky overtones from the use of Kent Golding hops. Very malt-forward and quite earthy with generous wafts of toffee, fudge, toast, nuts, tart berries and sweet malts, lending this Irish-style red ale plenty of character. The mouth feel is very smooth, flirting with being thin but saved by a boldish body. Mild-medium carbonation. The tongue is initially met with rich sweetness, tart berries and toffee malts which carry on through the mid-palate and deliver a nutty, toasty finish. Good length. The 5% ABV is spot on, enough to hold up the body of this beer but not enough to smell or taste it. Essentially this is a really nice beer from a very little known brewery.