Red island brewing co. ‘Quiet deeds’ Kölsch


image“Even though it sounds like a heavy beer the Kolsch is actually less ‘over-weight-German-man-with-a-foot-long-moustache’ and more ‘straw-blonde-chicks-enjoying-a-crisp-beer-on-a-hot-summers-day.’ The lightest of our beers,
it has a bright pale gold colour with a subtle fruity aroma. Tasting this crisp brew you notice the delicate flavours, which allows it to get mistaken for a light lager. Whether you’re on the beach or in a beer garden with your mates on a sunny day, our purple-labelled ‘crispy’ brew will keep you fresh and slightly confident”.

This is our first crack at this little known, Aussie microbreweries range. Served in a shaker glass the hazy, pale straw-golden pour struggled to generate the meagre head which collapsed to a patch of foam in seconds. Laced poorly. A vigorous whirl of the glass produces sweet, malty aromas. Kind of like a breakfast beer with cereal, grain, honey, toast and corny DMS emanating the strongest while undertones of the grassy noble hop sit almost dormant in the background. Oily feel, but a little too slippery in the mouth. Hardly any carbonation and the body is weak and watery. The taste buds aren’t really abuzz with flavours but a malty sweet front palate is paired with hints of cereal and corn. This trio literally encompasses the whole palate as nothing is added to the flavour profile from start to finish. Very mono tonal and far from a traditional Kölsch. The 4.4% ABV is about on par. To be fair, it is a German style of beer and not many Aussie brewers have passed the taste test, although 4 pines’ Kölsch would surely get a few Colognian heads nodding. We weren’t expecting much and that’s what the outcome was. Average at best.