Renaissance brewing ‘Perfection’ English-style pale ale


Renaissance brewing coenglish style pale ale“Perfection…….modest bunch aren’t we! This pale ale is our session beer and is perfect for the sunday afternoon in the pub or round at a mates place with fish and chips.This beer is a take on Britain’s traditional beer styles, styles that Andy is incredibily passionate about, and is best described as an English Pale Ale”.

Very elegant labels these, they have a real medieval European feel to them. We served in to a shaker glass. The amber pour offers up some nice copper hues with reasonable clarity. Carbonation is a little tired and it reflects in the loosely packed 1 finger head which peels away quite quickly to a light dusting of foam on top. Some wet, spotted lacing is being omitted down the glass. Good balance on the nose…a quick sniff yields more bottom end malts; toffee, biscuit, cashews and tang. But a few deeper, longer whiffs and the floral, herbal and grassy hops begin to take shape, providing wafts of apricot, peach, pot pourri and lemon. Once again, very elegant. The feel in the mouth is slightly creamy with a silky smooth texture. Low carbonation with medium weighted body. The tongue is met with a mildly assertive bitterness that cuts through the tangy and slightly tart fore-flavour. Hints of lemon form just before the mid and get ushered through with a resurgence of hop bitterness that carries through to the finish. Maybe some biscuity, nutty malts developing late in the mid there but they are a little restrained by the dominant bitterness. Clean, dry finish. 5% ABV. Yep, as we thought…we were a little sceptical at first but this pale ale has definitely come though in the end. Incredible balance with just a slight favour of hops. Really nice brew.