Rodenbach 2011 Vintage barrel aged Sour


imageThis bad boy is from Germany and it’s a limited edition aged in oak barrels since 2011, and is the 95th barrel. We love the fact that popping this beer open is like the cork from a champagne bottle.

Lots of sour on the nose. Real interesting pour this one..a head that fades instantly , leaving an oily film on the glass. The colour is dirty dishwater unfortunately but we are sure it won’t taste like this. The first sip yields a subdued tart acidic flavour with a sweet palate consisting of spices, apple cider and oak/wood. There is very minimal carbonation here but we are amazed by the smoothness of this 7% alc vol. It’s almost like your drinking an apple cider tea. As we sip and the brew warms up we get a bit more mild caramel malts. Absolutely no lacing on the glass here due to the oiliness of the drop. Mouth feel is full and chewy. We have had a few sours in our time but this certainly rates as being one of the best. The fact that it’s a few years old is fascinating and adds to the complexity of this beer. As a side note, this beer was given a 100/100 on We think it will only impress a true craft beer lover.