Sailors Grave ‘Leviathan’ Kölsch


“A modern twist on a classic favourite. Lean, clean malt profile with aromas of bread crust, mountain wildflower and hay. hopped with Saaz and Motueka.”

Glassware: Tumbler.

Appearance: Light pale golden pour with a finger of white foam capping it off. The head gradually peels off and a healthy lace trails it down.

Aroma: Digging the crisp and super clean nature of it. On the surface it gives every indication that it’s a traditional Kölsch with the floral, herbaceous and earthy notes it’s suggesting. It’s not until we dig our noses in deep that we find subtle hints of citrus peel and zesty lime. The malt bill is incredibly clean and bready. Good vibes.

Flavour: The crisp and clean nature of the beer carries over nicely. Neatly trimmed Noble hop notes of earthy herbs, mildew and soft florals mingle with the dry, crusty malts and the result is this uber-sessional neck oil with impeccable balance and simplicity. The finish is perfectly rounded and it draws out nicely on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Clean, crisp and delicate. There’s a lovely effervescence which lifts it up. Light-moderate body and the 5% ABV is right on the money.

Overall: We must admit we’re not typically swayed by this mob but they’ve absolutely nailed this. It’s like the perfect BBQ beer…ultra crushable but full flavoured. Kudos, Sailors Grave!