Sierra Nevada Kolsch


12821639_489610587889758_7255523672698113985_n“From Cologne to California, Kölsch-style beers are a favorite around the world. These light-bodied beers share the expressive character of an ale with the crisp, clean finish commonly found in lager beers. For our stamp on the style, Kölsch has a blast of floral and citrusy American and European whole-cone hops. This beer contains wheat malt to maintain the legendary drinkability of a classic Kölsch but adds a nod to our American brewing heritage and our love of hop flavour.”

Served in a footed flute glass. The body offers a pale straw-golden hue with a compacted one finger head forming on top. It’s not retained all that well as it settles to a ring with scarce lace trailing it down. The aroma is immaculate, crisp and refreshing. Vibrant herbal hops at the forefront with a soft citrus note over a light crackery malt base. Mild fruity undertones of pear and grapes also work well into this subtle and sweet yeasty hay character. Lovely aroma. Light, summery and well balanced. The texture of this Kolsch in the mouth is super clean and effervescent with a discernible bitterness developing toward the back palate. Geez you’d have no dramas pounding a six pack of these! The taste buds enjoy a harmonious fusion of herbal hops, grainy malts and subtle crackers upfront as they flow effortlessly across the mid and pick up hints of sweet citrus and a pinch of spice. The finish is light, dry and uber clean with a contained grassy bitterness enduring nicely between sips. Now we kind of wish we had a six pack of these! Such a simple beer but it’s been executed perfectly. As our 2016 summer draws to an end this Kolsch will be one of the standouts in terms of pure session ability and flavour. Thank goodness we can type quickly because at the pace this beer was consumed we would have needed a six pack! Solid drop.