Smog City Brewing ‘Bluet’ BA Sour Blond w Blueberries


35059775_868608349989978_2143708023854465024_n“White wine barrel-aged sour blonde w/ blueberries.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Very interesting colour. Almost mauve-esque with a cherry red tint. It forms a finger of super fizzy head which dissipates instantly. And no head = no lace!

Aroma: Smells of spent wine barrels, tart blueberries, glazed cherry, wine tannin, sherbet, musty oak and a delicate barnyard funk. The bottle states over 800 pounds of whole blueberries were used and we can definitely smell them although it’s not overdone, they’ve been used to perfection. Intriguing aroma.

Flavour: Revealing its sour profile on entry. Sharp but pretty well retained lacto acidity with tart blueberry and musty oak undertones. Quite a fair bit of fresh lemon juice adding an extra zingy sourness to it. She does soften nicely through the mid though, showing those artificial fruit tingles before it rounds off on a soft fruity finish with lingering blueberry notes on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Quite acidic upfront, tapering off in to a smooth finish. Effervescent texture and rather light on.

Overall: Pretty good. A bit more character from the wine barrels would have been good but ultimately it’s a damn fine drop.