Stillwater Artisanal ‘Classique’ Saison


13511004_533793013471515_5327857696572279476_n“Post-Prohibition Style (ale).. corn, rice, pilsner malt.. and lots of your favorite old-school American hops.. “your Grandfather’s new beer.”

Served in a shaker glass. Pouring a cloudy straw yellow with a two finger cap forming on top. The head is retained well, gradually reducing to a fine overlay with patches of thick blotchy lace being strewn down the glass. Quite a classic or should we say “classique” saison aroma – heavy on spices (clove, pepper and nutmeg) artificial fruits (bubblegum, banana runts, citrus) orange peel, herbs and slightly musty barnyard notes. Hints of that mineral-like earthiness comes through as do subtle undertones of lemonade and champagne. Very traditional style saison on the nose. In the mouth it’s super smooth with a lively effervescence. Moderate acidity and mild-medium in body. Minimal bitterness but a delicate dryness develops on the back end. Nice overall feel. Pretty funky upfront with an emphasis on lemon/citric tang. A fresh herbaceous flavour hinges off it and carries hints of grass and citrusy hops through the mid. We get that peppery spiciness creeping in before a soft, dry finish somewhat tapers off without much duration to the rear palate. Look, it’s not a mind blowing saison but it’s certainly got the base traditional characters here. Its downfall may lie with the brewers idea of modelling it off the “American industrial lager” which would explain the lack of body and length. Either way you look at it it’s not a bad drop, it’s just nothing memorable.