Stockade Brew Co. ‘Old Money’ BA Imperial Stout


15672719_620785518105597_5440782660395442376_n“Aged in whiskey barrels for over 2 years, this massive beer has thick, velvety chocolate tones, coupled with rich raisin & currant notes”

Served in a snifter glass. This ominous looking stout pours a pitch black colour with a short tan head that collapses to a collar with minimal lace trails.                                             There’s only one word being muttered at the moment…..and that word is wow!! This beast of a stout weighs in at a gigantic 15% ABV and doesn’t it let you know!? We’re getting punched in the face with molasses, soy sauce, carob, vegemite, leather, whiskey, charred wood, alcohol & burned rubber. That’s only scratching the surface too. There’s probably another dozen different aroma’s that we simply just don’t have the room in this review for. Remarkable.                               The texture is oily and about as accommodating as a 15% stout could possibly be. Co2 is low as to be expected with the booze playing a big yet humble lead role.                                                        A lot of the same happening in flavour – rich, salty, oaky and uber sweet notes of molasses, soy sauce, vegemite and whiskey dominating the palate from go to woe. The warmth from the booze is amazing in the way it intermittently pops up and withdraws throughout the journey to the back palate.                                                                                                                                             Wow, we were expecting a big one and that’s exactly what we got. This behemoth of a beer has knocked us in to next week while providing some truly mind blowing aromas and flavours. Be careful with this bad boy…..if you’re lucky to get your hands on one that is.