Stone ‘Mocha IPA’


image“The tantalising combination of fresh golden roasted coffee and dark chocolate blended with Cascade, Amarillo and Citra hops. It’s a double IPA mixed with mocha indulgence”

Poured into a schooner glass we see a burnt orange body with a head that slowly fades leaving just a white rim. Mild carbonation seen here in the glass. Beautiful aromas of coffee, almost a spice whiff, dark chocolate and Jaffa. First sip is very tasty. We get decent bitterness and contained alcohol heat (9% Alc vol here) with a background coffee hit, and a subtle sweetness from the chocolate and malt. Hits of caramel or toffee blended in there. There is mild carbonation in the mouth with a moderate to full body. The more we sip, we get the blend of coffee with the addition of pine, orange, Jaffa, spice like heat that’s almost chilli like, and caramelised malts. Has good length but like most stone beers very smooth on the back palate. We are surprised by the mildness of the coffee but then again it’s more of a mocha so that is acceptable. The dark chocolate definitely adds to the bitterness of the hops used whilst providing soft sweet notes. As we near the end, a good swish of the beer elicits a fruity, chocolaty aroma that is pleasant. This is a nice beer and very quaffable.