Three boys porter


image“Such was the popularity of porter in old England that legend has it townsfolk drowned when vats at a local brewery burst, flooding the streets. The Three Boys recreate this legendary beer, balancing toasted malts to give a rich, complex flavour. Fuggles hops maintain tradition while select New Zealand hops add spiciness that carries this beer into the new world.”

Served in to a beer tulip the dark cola pour allows minimal light to penetrate through. Topping it off is a creamy one and a half finger crown which holds stubbornly but eventually shrinks down to a thick collar with patches of foam on top. Laced reasonably well despite the diminishing head. Nice and smoky on the nose. We get rich, earthy malts and hints of cured meats, brine, dark chococlate, coffee, cocoa and phenols. Just can’t ignore that slight saltiness that comes off almost like oysters or salty shellfish. Damn fine aroma. In the mouth it’s a little too thin and slippery. Mildly carbonated and extremely light on. We’re certain this is the only downside as the taste buds are brought alive with hints of lightly charred wood, roasted malts and coffee with a pleasant saltiness on the lips. A slight dry bitterness from the hops develops through the mid as it leads to a dry, roasted malty finish with good length on the back end. 5.2% ABV. Other than the slightly thin texture this is a cracker of a porter. Not on the same level as their oyster stout but definitely worth a nudge. Good drop.