TO ØL ‘Mochaccino messiah’ Coffee brown ale


image “This is our forsøger of substituting the morning mochaccino coffee with a beer. You get the nicely roasted chocolate malts, some creamy lactose of the milk and a shot of nutty espresso coffee in your mug. And then some alcohol, it seemed just as indlysende as some vodka in a white russian.We do not recommend opting for this beer instead of coffee (all the time …) Ingredients: Water, Malted barley, flaked oats, lactose, Hops (Simcoe , Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Centennial), coffee and Yeast”.

There aren’t many better winter warmers than stouts, porters and barrel aged but the humble old brown ale is sometimes not given the respect it deserves. Especially when it’s brewed with coffee beans! Served in a shaker glass the dark brown pour produces a beige 1 and a half inch head that retains. Thick, soapy residue is omitted showing good lacing. There are a couple of elements to this aroma that stand out from the norm. The standard caramel, cocoa, roasted nuts, chocolate and coffee are here, but we detect a slight saltiness. There is booze evident and also a hint of chipotle that may be misleading but there is a distinctive gamey, almost oyster like aroma that definitely overrides. Quite peculiar yet enjoyable considering this is usually an attribute of a stout. The mouthfeel is quite metallic with low carbonation. Full bodied. The palate initially offers up a sharp boozy astringency along with cocoa, coffee and a subtle hint of macadamia. Some salted caramel in the mid-palate delivers a spicy, boozy (7% ABV) and ultimately dry finish with lingering hints of bitter espresso and cocoa. Wow, this is one complex and unconventional brown ale. So smooth and creamy on one hand, yet sharp and acrid on the other. Great balance, and an overall great beer with exceptional complexity.