Tuatara Belgian tripel


image“Originally brewed by Carl in 2001 when, back in the day, punters weren’t quite ready for the sensory onslaught.. after biding its time, this Belgian style strong golden ale now has a beloved place in the market!”

Here here. Served in a beer tulip. Our slightly aggressive pour aroused a big, puffy 2 finger crown that maintains well. Excellent head retention that allows for dense lacing to cling to the glass. The bright amber appearance offers an attractive bronze glow that presents a slight haziness with active bubbles. Good looking beer. The aroma is a little disappointing initially as it struggles to offer any more than pilsner-like aromas of grain, bready malts and herbs. With a bit of time and adjustment to the room temperature we start to detect more funky aromas like clove, banana bread, tangy orange, buttered popcorn, dust, honeyed nuts and apricot. Woah! This really comes alive with warmth. In the mouth it’s velvety smooth with a creamy texture. Carbonation is mild with medium-full body. The flavour profile kicks off with with chewy stone fruits and banana bread over sweet honeyed malts. Subtle spice carries these forward through the mid as a very faint alcohol warmth develops late delivering quite a surprisingly smooth and fruity finish with really good duration on the tongue. The ABV (8.5%) masks itself exceptionally well as this beer just gets better and better. Well, a couple of minor hiccups at the start mean little when it wraps up nicely, and that’s what it’s done. Not quite on Belgian levels here but it’s a pretty fine attempt. Good drop.