Tuatara ‘Delicious neck’ immortal pale ale


image“We’re always on the lookout for fresh blood. So when we heard of the latest spike in Vellington’s local vampire population, we thought best not to question it and get on the right side. So we joined (dark?) forces with the vamps of What We Do In the Shadows to bring you Delicious Neck – our limited edition Immortal Pale Ale; a brew so seductively unholy it would make Dracula himself celebrate the sunrise.”

Quite an underrated brewery this one. Really cool bottle design as well as the scaly neck is very unique. We thought it was quite fitting to be drinking this vampire driven beer as it’s the day after halloween. Served in a shaker glass the amber pour whipped up a huge, frothy 2 and a half finger crown that settles to a 5-6mm cap on top. Good head retention and lacing. Lovely dominant wafts of resinous pine come forward initially. Soft bittering hops offer subtle hints of grapefruit, passionfruit and white grapes while a light presence of malt and honey work quietly in the background. The mouth feel is quite mineraly and dry with a lively carbonation level that’s evident on the palate upfront. Medium bodied. An assertive hop bitterness is brought on with solid flavours of grapefruit and pine in the mid. The finish is sharp and dry with decent length. 5.2% ABV is spot on. Not a bad APA, but nothing incredible either. Could quite easily session on this but essentially there are better APA’s on the market.