Two birds ‘bantam IPA ‘


image“Two Birds Bantam IPA is a handcrafted, full flavoured, session India Pale Ale. This copper-coloured beer shows tropical and fruit salad notes, with refined bitterness which gives it great drinkability. This brew is smooth, clean and fruity. With lower alcohol than a standard IPA, this lil’ beer punches well above its weight!”

This IPA is a low alcohol IPA sitting at 4.7% ABV. We are slightly concerned as to the depth of this drop as we feel the absolute minimum an IPA should be is around 5.5% mark. We digress. Pouring a clear copper with little head that fades quickly to a collar. We get strong tropical fruit on the nose, pine needle, melon and an interesting wine-like aroma. But for some reason we get wet cardboard??? Flavour definitely offers white wine..usually a characteristic from Kiwi Nelson Sauvin hops? We get peppery spice and a subtle herbal note. The mouth feel is thin and watery but what do you expect with such low alc vol. It has a little bit of a commercial quality which is a shame. There is very little bitterness on the palate….light on like a sessional pale ale would be. Overall, it’s not great but I guess from a sessionable point of view, it’s OK. Maybe raise the bitterness, and up the ABV a bit and this could be a better beer. Very timid, but at least sessional.