Victory Brewery ‘Moon Glow’ Weizenbock


12512266_484089485108535_7058095873355745338_n“This richly flavored, dark amber wheat beer features fruity and spicy aromas galore. Significant strength underlies the pleasant citric appeal of this bock beer. Brewed with over 50% malted wheat, this is a traditional Bavarian weizenbock. Full of the flavors of harvest fruit, this is the perfect Autumnal elixir.”

Served in a weizen glass. The slightly pale amber pour is further clouded with a fine suspended sediment that refuses to settle. Covering it is a fizzy three finger head that eventually collapses to a thin film that’s maintained by a steady flow of ascending bubble. Looks good. Fruit esters, yeast and spice work brilliantly in to the dark, chewy malts and toffee initially. The profiles of wheat and dark lager are again presented on a deeper level with scents of banana runts and savoury apple pie combining and setting the olfactory’s alight. There’s an even further fruity undertone to it, maybe figs or raisin. There’s definitely something port-like. Interesting aroma here, quite complex actually. The texture in the mouth is dense and sticky with the body definitely on the fuller side. It’s actually well carbonated but the smoothness does counter it a little, one that would thicken as it warms. The 8.7% ABV injects a slight sting to the tongue but it’s contained and doesn’t overwhelm. Great overall feel. What we’ve noticed so far is this recurring fusion between the yeasty banana and the raisiny/sherry-like crystal malts that blend together beautifully. Hints of pear and the underlying warmth of the booze carry across the mid. A somewhat residual sweetness leads to an extremely sweet, plummy, raisiny and caramelized finish. A touch of dryness over the tongue adds that touch of balance needed to polarize the rich sweetness. Quite potent this one, definitely one to sip on. Considering the sweetness and its sherry-like flavours we reckon this beer would go perfectly as an after dinner drink. An acquired taste is necessary here but there is a lot to offer to the right drinker. Fine offering.