Wychwood brewery ‘paddy’s tout’ stout


image“A dream ticket of a beer, full of flavour, with a touch of the blarney! Brewed using dark crystal malt and with a robust coffee caramel flavour.”

A bit of a risk this one, as we bought it from a generic bottle shop for a pretty cheap price. We served in a beer tulip the flat cola-like pour could only arouse a minimal 1 finger head that collapsed to a halo around the inner edge of the glass. Laced poorly. Very muted aroma all we can detect are hints of caramel, roasted malts and very subtle coffee in the background. Maybe a hint of raisin/sultana. The mouth feel is way too thin for a stout. The moderate carbonation level breaths a little life into it but there is some serious body lacking here. The flavour is weak and insipid we can only pick up light roasted malts, a touch of caramel, chocolate and a subtle hint of nuts to finish. A touch of hop dryness on the back palate offers a little dimension but it’s futile. Low in alcohol percentage (4.3%) which is quite common among English beers, but there is no enjoyment in this at all. This is our second crack at this breweries range and both have been really disappointing. I guess we got what we paid for.