Zierholz Premium Brewery ‘German Ale’ Kolsch


50745399_1021485688035576_5090117543813709824_n“Cologne style Ale. Crisp, delicate, easy drinking & very moreish, the original Zierholz Beer. This beer combines a delicate fruitiness derived from fresh European style hops grown in Nelson, New Zealand and a pure German Ale yeast strain from a brewpub in Cologne with an appetizing malt character created using premium malts from Bamberg in Bavaria. The German Ale is an excellent choice for having with lighter dishes such as seafoods and salads but also goes nicely with spicier dishes such as curries providing welcomed refreshment and palate cleansing properties.”

Glassware: Tumbler.

Appearance: Slightly pale gold with a thumb of white foam settling to a collar. Works a fine lace as we hook in.

Aroma: Classic European nose…herbal spicy hops, light florals, ginger beer and mild yeast esters underlined by a semi sweet honey malt. Loving that ultra subtle woodyness as well. Incredibly well balanced. One of the better Aussie Kolsch aromas that’s for sure.

Flavour: It’s interesting because at first there doesn’t seem to be much going on but once we scrape the surface we find it’s actually quite complex….in a delicate kind of way. Subtle yeasty notes upfront move in to a soft Noble hop bitterness midway. Grassy/spicy finish which goes the distance on the back palate.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, light and well rounded. Very crushable considering its unexpected complexity. 5.1% AbV.

Overall: A very satisfying Kolsch. This is our first crack at this Canberran brewery and we’ll certainly be seeking out more from them. Impressive.