About Us


We are 2 brothers who love good beer. We aren’t talking about corona, or James squires, or even coopers… we are talking about craft beer. There is such a fundamental difference between craft beer and commercial beer – the intense flavours of say an IPA, the differing ranges of alcohol volume with some stouts and the overall complexities in general of, say a pale ale.

We are on a mission to raise the profile of craft beer. For us, there is nothing better than getting a mix 6 from a good bottle o, or ordering a mixed 12 from a reputable online beer store such as slow beer in Victoria. The analysis of these boutique beauties is where the enjoyment lies! We ask ourselves questions like ” what is that sweet flavour on the back of the palate just after you gulp it down”, or just simply marvel at the rich, dark hues of a particular beer when it pours.

We hope you enjoy our site… Search for your beer of interest. Go out and support microbreweries. Best of all, enjoy craft beers. Life is too short to drink mediocre or flavourless beer. Who knows…it may change your life. It has for us!

Cheers, Kano and Troy