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Monkish ‘Broadcasting Live’ Double NEIPA


50163238_1021550344695777_8167283056722313216_n“Double IPA brewed with Nelson hops.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Uber cloudy apple juice looking affair with a thumb of rocky white foam over the top. Healthy lace work as it ebbs.

Aroma: Holy moly this is the real deal. Juicy AF gooseberry, orange, mango, pineapple, passionfruit, dried apricot, grassy hop, white grapes and vines. Kind of has this fibrous character to it…a bit like dried grain husks. Pretty dank as well, resinous and green with a palm sugar sweetness. Ooph this is something else!

Flavour: Simply put: NEIPA heaven! It comes on with a silky smooth fusion of stonefruit, pine resins and this distinct “green” and or “botanical” quality that is synonymous with Nelson Sauvin hops. We’re tasting a hint of black pepper as it surges through the mid and finishes with an earthy herbal note that endures.

Mouthfeel: So creamy and inoffensive. Can someone tell us how they manage this at 8.5% AbV?! Low co2 and bitterness.

Overall: This truly is one of the best NEIPA’s we’ve had. The amount of aroma and flavour that’s crammed in with no harsh booze or bitterness is insurmountable. Recognition must go to the Nelson Sauvin hops too…love em or hate em they work so well with the style. Superb!

Treehouse Brewing ‘Miles To Go Before I Sleep’ Imperial Milk Stout


45797682_979859385531540_4231071041767604224_n“Miles To Go Before I Sleep is an imperial milk stout brewed with a complex assortment of roasted malts, lactose, peanut butter, and chocolate. Miles To Go Before I Sleep is brewed for Lauren, because she loves peanut butter cups and I love her. She deserves the world. Miles To Go is a perfect beer to enjoy with a friend or a loved one. Please keep it cold at all times and enjoy it during a special moment of your choosing.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Pitch black with a dark brown cap. The head holds its shape well enough to leave patchy lace as it ebbs.

Aroma: One word…incredible! The olfactory’s are inundated with sweetness, roasty malt, creamy vanilla and nuts from all angles. Reese’s peanut butter cups come to mind straight away followed by snickers and then butterfingers. Also getting toasted marshmallow, bounty bar and luscious caramel. Don’t think we’ve ever done a review where so many different chocolate bars come together in one aroma. Brilliant!

Flavour: Oh mumma! The transition from the nose is exceptional. The most fascinating part is how they’ve managed to condense everything on the nose in to a flowing and perfectly balanced flavour profile which glides over the tongue and in to an insanely smooth, moreish and decadent finish which draws out nicely on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Velvety smooth and balanced like a beer on a barrel. Co2 is spot on and the 9.1% AbV is ridiculously well hidden.

Overall: Easily the best beer we’ve had from Treehouse. There’s really no other words for it…this shit is amazing!

Trillium/Monkish ‘Insert Hip Hop Reference There’ Triple IPA


43788046_964871000363712_2150462263654350848_n“Following up on our previous collaboration with our good friends from Monkish Brewing, is an all Citra Triple IPA.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Probably one of the cloudiest we’ve seen to date…it’s like a beer milkshake! It holds on to a loose head which struggles to produce much lace as we go.

Aroma: The mere fact that the 10% AbV is completely hidden is one thing but the juice factor here is out of this world. We get straight up breakfast juice, hell we’d even skull this with our west bix! It’s just incredible…tonnes of mango, apple, orange, banana, peach, apricot, guava, pineapple, the list could go on and on. This is the ultimate NEIPA aroma.

Flavour: Wooooooowww. How do they do it?! Every juicy tropical fruit under the sun teams up here; we’re talking mango, melon, orange, apricot, papaya, guava, pineapple, peach, lychee and apple. You can pretty much forget anything else in the beer as the juice train flies through to the finish and then some.

Mouthfeel: Super light for its size (10% AbV). The texture is smooth, creamy, chalky and presents a lovely density. Co2 is spot on.

Overall: This would have to be one of, if not the best, NEIPA’s we’ve ever had. The level of juice, the minimal bitterness, the crazy well hidden AbV and just the overall drink-ability is second to none. Top of its class!

Fifty-Fifty Brewing ‘Eclipse’ Joseph Magnus Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


42363881_956184671232345_2086433398011723776_n“Imperial stout brewed with honey and aged in oak barrels. 2017 edition – Aqua wax.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Solid black with a finger of dark tan foam capping off. The head gradually peels off and forms a thick ring which works a healthy lace down the glass.

Aroma: Nice and big. We won’t go as far as saying it’s aggressive but it’s certainly knocking on that door. The bourbon barrels are front and center here – although we’ve never tried (or even heard of) this bourbon before it displays a rich caramel and toasty vanilla accent which is just divine! Not to mention the semi sweet honey, roasty malt, earthy tobacco and dark chocolate for days! This Eclipse stuff really is the ducks nuts!

Flavour: It’s incredible how smooth it is for a beer its size. Yeah we get the warming booze, bourbon, rich toffee and caramel and the roasted malts but it’s pleasant and remarkably well balanced. Tasting the vanilla, honey and woody oak as it rolls through the mid towards the less approachable yet luscious finish which endures brilliantly.

Mouthfeel: Silky smooth with just a touch of warmth (11% AbV). Glides down the throat with ease! Medium-full body.

Overall: This Eclipse series really is top of its class and the list of medals that span over the last decade are only testament. They’re fun, well marketed and most importantly…absolutely delish! We can not fault this it’s simply outstanding.

Trillium Brewing ‘Number 49’ El Dorado Double IPA


39496811_936067696577376_5661603057541054464_n“Permutation is our experimental series of small batch offerings, showcasing the unique visions and innovative concepts developed by our brewing and cellar crew. Permutation 49 is a Double IPA brewed with Lactose featuring El Dorado in the double dry hop and pours a deeply hazy, vibrant orange hue.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Murky orange complexion that tops off with a cm of tightly held foam. Good head retention and healthy lace work as it ebbs.

Aroma: Nice and juicy. Lots of citrus-forward and zingy hops with a strong focus on pithy grapefruit, orange and tangerine. Picking up plenty of tropical stone fruit as well – mostly mango, rockmelon and paw paw with distinct piney notes cutting through. Maybe some creamy pineapple in there too. The malt is sweet, doughy and honeyed, offering a good balance to those dominant El Dorado hops. Brilliant nose.

Flavour: Much more dense and chewy, showing its AbV just a smidge more than the aroma. Less definition on the citrus with further stone fruit character to the fore. Jammy notes of apricot and marmalade blend nicely with the creamy vanilla/lactose before it moves in to the incredibly smooth finish which displays creamy orange, pine and candied citrus on a length.

Mouthfeel: Silky soft texture, well rounded and hiding that AbV very well (8.3%). Medium body, mild-medium Co2.

Overall: What a drop! Straight up west coast IPA on the nose then showing suggestions of NEIPA on the palate. Remarkably smooth and luxurious finish. One of the finest DIPA’s we’ve ever drunk. Brilliant.

3 Floyd’s Brewing Co. 2018 ‘Dark Lord’ Russian Imperial Stout


36684058_890747461109400_3559425658041925632_n“A demonic Russian-Style Imperial Stout brewed with coffee, Mexican vanilla and Indian sugar, this beer defies description. Bottles available one day a year — Dark Lord Day — at the brewery in Munster, Indiana.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: As black as midnight with a thumb of well retained head sitting atop. Excellent lace work sticking to the glass as we imbibe.

Aroma: Quite a bready scent hitting the olfactory’s initially, it has this funky sourdough note to it with acetone, alcohol, soy sauce, ink and raw figs in support. We’re picking up undertones of dark chocolate, burnt wood, leather, iodine, salted caramel and cherries as it settles in the glass. Extremely rich and dynamic.

Flavour: We’re here embracing for an onslaught yet it comes on with a welcoming sweetness which is best conveyed as sugary and caramelized. Behind it is a delicate vanilla, molasses, licorice and sweet espresso kind of affair which is just mindblowing! By the way how is this 15%?! It flows in to a sweet yet roasty finish with just the slightest hint of warmth in the tail.

Mouthfeel: Exceptionally smooth, full bodied and comforting. How they’ve hidden the booze is beyond us, that is simply next level.

Overall: Totally and utterly blown away! We’ve never drunk a RIS which has been this pleasant and palate-friendly. She may look demonic on the label but on the inside it’s heavenly!

Firestone Walker 2018 ‘Parabola’ BA Imperial Stout


35043496_868797883304358_20831175501152256_n“Parabola is a beer of darkness and immensity, a barrel-­aged beast that is routinely ranked as one of the top beers in the world.  This Russian imperial oatmeal stout is aged for a full year in  Heaven Hill barrels, developing flavors of rich, chewy roasted malts, charred oak and bourbony vanilla. Parabola bares its teeth with its impenetrable black hue and soaring alcohol, yet its bite remains refined with a silky, balanced finish.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Virtually impenetrable black with a short tan head which gradually recedes to a collar. We’re seeing some decent lace sticking to the glass as we imbibe.

Aroma: Big impressions of the bourbon barrels coming through. Tonnes of warming booze, molasses, sticky syrup, toffee fudge, dark chocolate, leather, licorice and charred wood make up the bulk of it. There’s a complex spice flowing through too, it’s got a hint of creamy vanilla with a flutter of earthy nutmeg and tobacco. Some nutty malts as well. Wow she’s intricate and really well layered.

Flavour: Oh my goodness! Plenty of bourbon character initially but nicely countered by the sticky caramels/toffee, dark chocolate, mild coffee and vanilla cream accents. Picking up some faint oak flavours along with a belly warming booze (12.7% ABV). Sweet dark fruits, treacle and earthy spice finish it off with raw tobacco and charred wood on a length.

Mouthfeel: Sharp, warming and oily. Somewhat leaner than expected. Low co2 and does well to hide that enormous ABV.

Overall: Simply brilliant. It has that KBS quality with an extra earthy complexity added. We can’t wait to see how a few years will improve it. Magnificent!

Goose Island Beer Co 2017 ‘Bourbon County’ BA Imperial Stout


33183998_859652774218869_3584134304248102912_n“The Original Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout. Intense aromas of charred oak, vanilla, caramel, smoke.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Pitch black with a short brown head forming on top. It reduced to a ring with minimal lace sticking to the glass.

Aroma: Heaven! Absolutely crammed full of bourbon, roasted sweet malt, vanilla, coffee, charred oak, molasses, licorice, dark chocolate, dates and subtle smoky notes. We don’t think there’s anything else one could want from a big bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. It’s as good, if not better than KBS, Old Money and Ramjet. Superb.

Flavour: A mouthful of everything that made the aroma so good – trick loads of bourbon, charred oak, vanilla, cocoa/chocolate, roasted malts, dark fruits and mild smoky notes. The ABV (14.7%) is incredibly well concealed but offers that gentle warmth through the mid. She’s big and roasty in the finish but nicely tempered by a bit of vanilla and sweet toffee malts.

Mouthfeel: Dense and chewy with full body. It offers a subtle carbonation with a very well hidden alcohol warmth.

Overall: Brilliant, no better way of explaining it. It’s up there with the best Imperial stouts we’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. We can only imagine what a few years aging could do. Very impressive.

Kereru ‘Velvet Boot’ Belgian Dubbel


29104189_827204430797037_6024998861771112448_n“An amber Belgian-style Dubbel with an exuberant aroma of rum-soaked banana that gives way to brown sugar, caramel & spice. Brewed with lashings of Belgian dark candi syrup for an authentic complex taste. Serve at 8-10°C.”

Glassware: Trappist tulip.

Appearance: It pours an attractive copper red hue which dons a short beige cap. The head eventually peels off to a fine film but offers excellent lace work down the glass.

Aroma: Incredibly sweet but not cloying. Absolutely saturated in this thick, chewy caramel, toffee and butterscotch which blends with the ultra doughy and sticky raisin, date and rum notes really well. As it warms the estery characters come forward – sourdough, clove, banana etc. Undertones of plum jam, cocoa and stewed fruits. Oh my, absolutely superb!

Flavour: Good transition on to the palate. Tonnes of sticky sweetness – caramel, toffee, raisin, dates, all well supported by that doughy/bready malt. In come the subtle spices, earthy chocolate notes and stewed fruits before a big and well rounded finish with good length on the rear.

Mouthfeel: Velvety smooth (we can see where part of the name comes from). Full bodied, dense and chewy. Mild-moderate co2.

Overall: Magnificent! One of the best non-Belgian dubbels we’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. Can not fault it.

Founder’s Brewing ‘CBS’ Canadian Breakfast Stout


27540815_809845042532976_3869567755264525454_n“CBS was born when we stumbled upon some bourbon barrels that had previously housed maple syrup. We opted to put the same base beer as KBS, an imperialized version of Breakfast Stout, in the maple barrels and, after one taste, we knew we had something special. Rich maple syrup, roasted coffee and velvety chocolate meld together in what can only be described as a transcendental drinking experience.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Black as midnight. It builds a healthy two finger head that retains extremely well. Good lace work as we indulge.

Aroma: Oh my goodness! Take the breakfast stout and blend it with the KBS then add a good helping of maple syrup, brown sugar, vanilla and voila! You have an unrivalled aroma that can only be drooled over. I mean, sweet baby Jesus how the hell do they do it?! Just magnificent.

Flavour: Perfection, absolute perfection. For one, the 11.7% ABV is somehow nestled in and among a litany of incredibly delicious flavours. Everything that makes the KBS so good – whiskey, oak, dark malts, molasses, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, dark fruits, caramel and dried raisins – is right here. But it’s boosted by a syrupy sweetness….an elegant sweetness that is just…oh man.

Mouth feel: Thick, chewy and silky. Just a hint of warmth as it hits room temperature. Low co2, full body.

Overall: We’re almost speechless. OK, it’s only February ’18 but we may have already found our beer of the year. This is bloody phenomenal, it’s going to take something monumental to beat it. A masterstroke from Founders.

Alchemist Beer ‘Heady Topper’ Double NE IPA


27331889_805787122938768_6866065208622232993_n“In early 2011 we built the Alchemist Cannery, a 15 barrel brewery and canning line, for the production of our flagship IPA Heady Topper. The first cans of Heady Topper rolled off the line just two days after Tropical Storm Irene demolished The Alchemist Pub and Brewery. Today, we move all of our beer weekly in a concerted effort to provide the freshest, hoppiest packaged IPA on the market.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Hazy AF! Orange/mustard yellow colour with a steady finger of off white foam perched on top. Good head retention and fine lacing on the glass.

Aroma: We hate to sound like a broken record but it’s another full on breakfast juice bomb. Packed full of orange, mango, pineapple, guava and apple. Nicely underpinned by some piney, herbal and grapefruit notes. Delicate hints of aniseed and grass too. Hardly any malt to speak of. Doesn’t matter though, the amount of hop character is just mind blowing.

Flavour: Although it hits its typical juice bomb note there is a decent amount of herbal/botanical character to it. Wet grass and vines come through along with a sappy pine sweetness. Loads of citrus, tropical fruit and just the slightest hint of earthy forest floor. Clean bitter finish with a piney and citric aftertaste.

Mouth feel: Resinous and sappy. Suggestions of creamy-ness there too. 120 IBU – hefty but well contained. 8% ABV also well hidden.

Overall: As far as NE IPA’s go this is by far the best we’ve had. Yes, there is the cult following and the utter rarity of it but the high quality and complexity is what hands it its judgement. If only they would distribute outside the Vermont region! World class.

Bridge Road Brewers ‘B2 Bomber Mach 6.0’ Belgian Black IPA


23795374_775987085918772_697733813066623693_n“Bridge Road Brewers reached the 11th year of brewing in 2016. To celebrate we have continued the tradition of brewing a new yet bigger incarnation of the B2. This year we have stepped things up to reach Mach 6.0.”

Served in an IPA glass. Looks like a big ominous stout – pitch black with a finely beaded two finger head perched on top. Head retention is excellent and so to is the healthy lace work down the walls of the glass.
We get lots of grassy and piney hops against the robust dark malt backdrop. Good uplift from the coffee, cocoa and toast with a subtle candied undertone flowing through. Quite earthy, also hinting at black pepper, fennel seed, molasses and herbs with a touch of warming booze completing a seriously complex and multi layered aroma.
Oh wow! Depth and complexity for days on the palate. Plenty of action upfront – big, dark and roasty malt base with a piney and at times herbal hop bitterness cutting in. The feature we’re loving is this Candi sugar sweetness that’s coming from the Belgian yeast, adding that essential 3rd element which makes this black IPA stand out among the rest. It finishes slightly dry and toasty with incredible length.
It is unbelievably silky and smooth in the mouth. This is especially remarkable considering the 9.6% ABV. Dense and thick, mildly carbonated and full in body. Delightful!
Jeez what a beer this is. Can not fault it at all. We believe this is their 2016 release so the year and a bit in bottle has taken some of the edge off the hops but the rich malt character and the sweet Belgian yeast has more than made up for it. Sensational drop from Bridge Road…one of, if not, their best in our opinion.

Omnipollo ‘Selassie’ Imperial Coffee & Vanilla Stout


22140818_754646994719448_1032221227691968140_n“10 speciality malts make up this majestic Imperial Stout conditioned on heaps of coffee and vanilla beans. Simple, yet complex.”

Served in a snifter. This literally pours like engine oil. It constructs a healthy two finger head which holds together remarkably well, eventually establishing a thick overlay. Lacing is thick and soapy as it ebbs.
There’s more than a few words that come to mind here. Big, black and dangerous are the first. Rich, sweet and complex would also pass as the coffee, cocoa, chocolate, vanilla and spice takes the lead. The depth just keeps diving as we uncover hints of licorice, raw cacao, leather, heavy roast and an inkling of booze (which is amazing considering the hefty 11% ABV).
Holy moly the palate is totally inundated with moreish flavour here. What we can isolate is coffee, dark chocolate, charred wood, heavy roasted malt, tobacco, molasses, subtle whisky and a gorgeous hint of vanilla. It has a slightly nutty note in the middle before delivering a kind of semi sweet, roasty and almost creamy finish with vanilla, coffee bean and bitter dark chocolate on the back end.
Thick and dense texture, almost syrupy with full body and low co2. The booze is warm without any harsh and unrefined nature to it.
Sweet baby jeebus that is a damn fine drop. There is actually nothing more they could do to improve on this…..seriously amazing stuff. Kudos Omnipollo.

Deschutes Brewery 2014 Reserve ‘Mirror Mirror’ BA Barleywine


21463193_748795898637891_1743194503447251062_n“The Reserve Series romance all began with our first release of this limited-edition brew. Mirror Mirror, born of a double batch of Mirror Pond Pale Ale, is an inspired barley wine ale layered with intriguing nuances. Explore this latest incarnation and enjoy its delicious complexity in every sip. (Released March 2014)”

Served in a snifter. Pours a bit like muddy swamp water with a two finger head forming on top. Retention is good with a wavy lave pattern following it down.
Phwoar! That aroma. The complexity, the intense sweetness, the brilliance of a well brewed and well aged barleywine is not only 2nd to none but would easily challenge a dessert wine as an indulgent after dinner aperitif or night cap. With all that toffee, port, raisin, apricot, gingerbread, fig, residual sugar, fudge, brandy and sticky vanilla this is the epitome of opulence! Outstanding stuff.
It doesn’t shy away in flavor either. Big and extravagant notes of port, caramel, fig, brandy, brown sugar and raisin are given an almighty boost by the 11.2% ABV which injects prickly layers of belly warming goodness. It’s only subtle but we can detect a vinous accent from the hefty aging process it undergoes in American red wine barrels.
The texture is dense and syrupy with enough lift from the booze to save it from being edible. The co2 is mild but effective…also very important in the overall balance of the beer.
Oh jeebus! What an amazing beverage we have laid before us. Holier than thou. We’re not worthy! What we’re trying to say is this is down right incredible. Top 5 material without a doubt.

Garage Project 2016 Chateau Aro Spiced/Fruit Beer


20525376_730988893751925_6872446744638731313_n‘Never mix grape and grain’ – we’re breaking the cardinal rule again for the second vintage of our grape harvest beer. Chateau Aro, a dark rubescent ale, conditioned on the freshly crushed juice and skins of pinot noir grapes, then aged in French Oak barrels, all from the award winning Escarpment Winery. And the result of this unholy union? Rich, complex and surprising. Remember, beer then wine, you’ll be fine.”

Served in a stemmed tulip. This elegant beauty hits the glass with a deep chestnut hue and tops off with a short wispy cap which peels back to a ring. It laces quite well considering the diminishing head.
This aroma is unreal. The back story here is we bought this bottle from the brewery after we sampled it in a paddle at the taproom in Wellington a couple of months back. It is simply erupting with sweet notes of port, raisins, fig jam, mixed berries, vanilla bean and ripe cherries. Absolutely love the subtle oak and red wine tannin that cuts through a bit of the sweetness. It’s like nothing we’ve ever smelt before. Just divine.
The mouth feel is WAY too accommodating for a beer weighing in at 10.9% ABV. It’s smooth, velvety and flows over the tongue just like an expensive pinot noir would. Unbelievable.
The characteristics of the aroma transition incredibly well on to the palate. The light sparkle gives it a gentle lift as the cherries provide a subtle tartness through the mid. A mild bitterness is then introduced before it rounds off on a sweet, tannic and slightly dry finish with the cherry fusing with the port notes on the rear.
Simply put..perfect. There is literally nothing that could have been done better here, it is dead set spot on. We reckon it’s a beer that can be thoroughly enjoyed now but would improve with a few years on it. Wow, what a brilliant drop.




Garage Project ‘Dark Arts’ Coffee Bock


image“What kind of Faustian pact is this? A dark tryst combining the rich, clean malt character of a strong bock beer with a cold extract of specially roasted beans, creating a brew of milk coffee smoothness with notes of caramel and chocolate. Your favourite beverages together in one bottle – now there’s no need to choose. An award winning brew born of our collaboration with Wellington based fair trade roasting icons Peoples Coffee.”

Served in a Stein. It hits the glass with a chestnut hue that reveals crimson edges when held to the light. The two finger head almost completely dissipates leaving a thin ring that leaves minimal lace.
My goodness, if you’re coffee lovers like us then this aroma will have you on cloud nine. Pungent wafts of raw coffee beans fill the olfactory’s. The malt profile is equally as tantalizing with big roasty notes, burned toast, singed wood, chilli-infused dark chocolate, cacao and molasses in support. An absolute feast for the senses!
Thick and full bodied on the palate. The heavy malt profile ensures a silky/velvety texture as the low Co2 and extremely well masked 7.8% ABV makes this one dangerously drinkable beer.
We were hoping for the flavour to follow the aroma and it has done exactly that. Brilliant presentation of the coffee – strong but tempered. The rich, roasty malts and bittersweet chocolate only build on the magnificent flavour base created by the coffee. The taste just keeps improving until it finishes on a dry, bitter and lightly burned note that goes the distance on the back end.
Simply put…superb. One of the best bocks we’ve ever drunk. This was another one we muled back from NZ so we’re not sure what the availability is like in Australia. But! If you see this…bag it. Absolutely magnificent beer.

Bcchus Brewing Co. ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Time’


16807520_648906535293495_8039335137728791205_n“This beer was originally created for the Bacchus B20 beer fest. 20 “one off” unique beers, each brewed to represent a country/leader at the G20. USA – peanut butter jelly time popularized by the Family Guy. This is a peanut butter and jelly Amber Ale.”

Served in an English pint. She pours an attractive amber hue with excellent clarity. The short head slowly reduces to a film that struggles to leave a foot print on the glass as it ebbs.
Once again the willy wonka of the beer world has produced an absolutely stunning aroma that oozes decadent and moreish sweetness. This is the most impressive part though, of all the dessert beers we’ve reviewed from Bacchus (and there’s been quite a few) not one has been cloying or unbalanced. They all hit their mark perfectly as this one does with jelly, peanut butter, coconut flakes, raspberries, milk chocolate and vanilla. God, take us now!
The mouth feel is spot on. Just enough weight from the body with a smooth and sleek texture. Nice vibrant Co2 provides that vital uplift in the mouth. Brilliant.
We’ve never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but if this is what they taste like then damn! We can see why they’re so popular. Big hit of sugary jelly upfront followed by a soft peanut butter creaminess. What could best be described as a very subtle salinity gets washed over by super sweet malts, crystallized sugars and marshmallow in the finish.
Phenomenal stuff. It’s that kind of beer you wish would never end. The aromas and flavors are so delicious that words almost don’t do it justice. You’ve just got to try it to understa

Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Bo Jingles V’ Imperial Cherry Chocolate Stout


16174455_636771723173643_1467916320009663673_n“Bo Jingles is an imperial cherry chocolate stout brewed each Christmas for the iconic scratch bar in Milton. We change the recipe every year, creating new taste experiences around the central theme. For 2015 we’ve gone bigger & ballsier. We retained some of last year’s Bo & blended with this year’s vintage to produce a beer of intense flavour and depth.”

Served in a beer tulip. The pour is as black as the ace of spades with a healthy two finger head shaping up on top. As it reduced it weaves a streaky lace as it ebbs.
Ooph! Complexity is the name of the game here. This is bloody incredible! At the moment we can pick out cherry ripe, musty oak, molasses, Turkish delight, a hint of cough syrup and even traces of port. This aroma is simply brilliant.
Once again Bacchus thrills the palate with an invigorated Co2. An otherwise dense texture is nicely lifted. Oily in texture and it’s emphasized by a whopping yet quite well hidden 11% ABV.
What can best be described as an explosion of cherry sweetness is lit up by the 11% ABV upfront. Hints of oak follow but retreat a little quicker and in effect lays a platform for the juicy cherries, chocolate and molasses to extend in to a fairly dry finish that imparts a complex musty and slightly tart length on the back palate.
Stop it! Once again Bacchus displays their immense brewing capabilities with this absolutely incredible stout. We’re literally lost for words…this is something else. We’ll say this, if you see this beer on the shelf….buy it! Oh my God.

Bacchus Brewing Company ‘Ferrari Rocher’ Amber Ale


15541121_616150058569143_9186274643250555795_n“Brewed initially to represent Italy at our B20 beer fest this racy little amber beer is a luxurious flavour mix of milk chocolate and hazelnuts.”

Served in a beer tulip. This addition to Bacchus’s stellar range pours a light burgundy hue with a short, frothy cap forming on top. It eventually collapses to a collar with minimal lace left in its wake.
We once saw a reviewer sum Bacchus up as the “willy wonka of the craft beer world”. We thought this was absolutely spot on because if you, like us, have tried many of their beers you’d know that they have turned the most delicious sweets into beer….with delicious perfection! This one is no different, with its subtle similarity to the peanut brittle gose this moreish and devilishly sweet concoction of milk chocolate, nuts, nougat, caramel, nutella and kit kats is enough to send our sweet tooth in to overdrive! Amazing.
She offers a vibrant texture with an active Co2 level along with a silky smooth mouth feel. The 7% ABV is extremely well buried. Roughly medium in body. A real pleasure to drink.
The palate is treated to a big impression of melted caramel, nutella, milk chocolate and chocolate wafers. Not so much the flavour of a Ferrero Rocher (although it is here) more the blissful, eye-closing indulgence this beer is providing is enough to make us want to buy 12 more!
Man that is dangerously addictive. What’s even better is that for all of its decadence it’s not at all cloying. The extreme sweetness is so brilliantly balanced that we just want to eat it. Forget dessert, from now on just buy one of these. Outstanding stuff.

Russian River Brewing Co. ‘Pliny The Elder’ Double IPA


15085482_597417257109090_1769872724847455443_n“Where did we come up with this name? Back in the year 2000, our friend, Vic Kralj, who owns the Bistro in Hayward, California, decided to have his first ever Double IPA festival. Vic invited 10 breweries, 6 of whom (including us) had to brew something special for him since we had nothing that would fall under this style category. Vinnie had made a Double IPA at Blind Pig in 1994, but was not brewing one at Russian River Brewing at the time. He had an idea for the recipe, but not a name. After much research in beer books, brainstorming, and deliberation, we came up with “Pliny the Elder”. Pliny, the man, lived in the first century- 23 to 79 A.D. According to our brewing references, he and his contemporaries either created the botanical name or at least wrote about Lupus Salictarius, or hops, currently known as Humulus Lupulus. That was a very early reference to an important part of any Double IPA! Pliny the beer has now become one of our flagship brews!”

Served in an IPA glass. Pliny pours a bright golden amber with a foamy two finger head forming on top. The head retains incredibly well and weaves a healthy lace as it ebbs. The first whiff of this coveted IPA has everything we’ve waited years to experience – its big, bold and bitter with grapefruit, orange peel, pine resins, hop oils, subtle peppery spice and a faint suggestion of bubblegum. Although it comes on hard with its West Coast hallmarks there is a lovely biscuity malt sweetness that takes the edge off the bitter hops. It may be big and bitter but there is an excellent balance on the nose as well. So far it is certainly living up to its cult-like status. In the mouth it is remarkably smooth and accommodating. The texture is light and oily and the 8% ABV is so well disguised you’d be excused for thinking it was around 6%. Co2 is spot on, adding a nice overall vibrancy to the feel of the beer. The flavour literally follows on from the nose. Upfront we get grapefruit, pine resins and juicy citrus notes. The 100 IBU gets introduced through the mid as flavours of hop oils and sweet malts lead in to a long resinous finish with hints of grassy hops on the back end. Brilliant. Well worth the two and a bit year wait. It’s clean, refreshing, silky smooth, superbly balanced and down right delicious! It was bottled on 12/10/16 so it’s fresh as f#*k as well. The only downside is that we don’t have any more  ah well at least that’s one we can tick off the bucket list. Big shout out to our good mate JD for muling it back from the States for us! Amazing stuff.