3 Ravens ‘Peak Hype’ Sour NEIPA


72573498_1198104450373698_3220433548750094336_n“Is this it? Is this the logical progression? Should we, just because we can? Does the end justify the means? Is the end justified? 3 Ravens and Mr West contemplated these moral quandaries while brewing this “IPA” (Triple Cryo Dry Hopped Wine Grape Skin Contact Barrel Blended Milkshake Oat Cream Sour New England India Pale Ale) to celebrate Mr West’s second birthday – and answered yes to all of them. Happy birthday Mr West!”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Turbid AF! It has this kind of deep pastel orange hue which resembles apricot juice. Not much in the way of head…a small collar forms at the rim and struggles to produce much lacing.

Aroma: Straight up juice. Definitely dialling in on that frosty fruit scent along with concentrated brekky juice, papaya, pineapple, guava, apricot, peach and slightly tart lemon citrus, subtle creamy citrus, creamy oats and lactose, grain husks, piney/evergreen characters, we’re even picking up a super mild bubblegum accent. Jeez there’s a lot going on here but it all comes together quite nicely.

Flavour: Very unique… when there’s as many adjuncts as this beer offers it’s bound to be a little complex! Lovely fusion of fruit juice and pine with that subtle line of tart citrus cutting through. Hints of herbal spice and dry hop bitterness leads in to a reasonably smooth finish with a flutter of citric acidity and piney hops in the tail.

Mouthfeel: Creamy and moderately weighted with some gentle bitterness in the swallow. 6.5% ABV well enough hidden not to notice.

Overall: We love that these guys are having a dig at today’s tendency to abbreviate everything. But not only that they’ve backed it in with a really solid beer. The one thing we’d have liked to see more of is the sourness but hey the overall fun factor outweighs it. Decent!