5 Barrel Brewing ‘Ghost Creek’ BA Sour w Peach


74354464_1219461334904676_3825796733716135936_o“We have embraced our homebrewer roots by collaborating with a good friend, and local homebrewer to create this unique sour ale. The beer is tart and clean, with an exceptionally citrusy aroma and cleansing palate. Each variation of Ghost Creek lends on these elements to highlight the experimental nature of our homebrew culture.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Slightly hazy light amber complexion. It struggles to produce much head as it settles at the rim with streaky lace following it down.

Aroma: We can certainly pick up the peach…it’s a fruit that works so well with sours with its savoury sweetness and gentle floral notes. Lovely candy-esque sugars, peach sherbet, musty oak barrels and acetic citrus undertones also getting amongst it. So sweet and summery yet tart, crisp and acidic. Brilliant balance.

Flavour: Like the aroma the true and delicious flavours of peach comes forward first immediately balancing the initial sourness. Intermittent hints of oak barrel intertwines with delicate stonefruits and tangy orange citrus before it rounds off on a soft and mineraly finish which pulls up a little short.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, tart and mineraly. It holds a nice weight and offers an approachable pucker – rates a 2.5/5. 6% ABV is nicely contained.

Overall: This is one in a series of four releases where the brewer works off a base sour and adds different hops and fruits to each one. We went straight for this as we love the fusion of peach in sour beers but after tasting the quality we’ll be looking to bag the other three now! Good stuff.