Australian Brewery Pilsner


15356515_608532212664261_5114954032934810998_n“Inspired by the classic crisp and bitter pilsners of Germany, The Australian Brewery Pilsner takes the palest Australian malts and interweaves the bite and aroma of new world hops. Enjoy a classic German style pilsner with a twist; the spicy NZ and citrus American hops generate an enticing aroma and a crisp peppery bitterness that balances a rounded malt profile.”

Served in a footed flute glass. She pours a pale straw yellow with a finger of snow white head forming on top. It peels back to a ring with a good smattering of lace being weaved as it ebbs.
This is what we love about craft beer – taking these age old traditional styles and reinventing them with new world ingredients. The crisp aroma is nicely lifted with the use of Motueka and Cascade hops that impart a blend of citrus, spice, florals, grassy notes and a yeasty champagne-like sweetness. A subtle touch of grainy/cereal malts come through too. Very nice.
Super smooth feel, really crisp and light on but with a lovely vibrant bitterness adding a fizzy texture to it. Medium body.
The flavour opens up with a snappy hop freshness. Hints of florals and spice cut through the grainy malt sweetness. A hint of honey then leads in to a dry, grassy finish with a good balance of cereal malt in the tail.
Impressive drop. So much to like about it, it’s seriously crisp and super clean with a well integrated hop profile to balance the sweet, grainy malt base. Absolutely hits the spot on this hot Sydney summers day. Certainly a beer we’ll be returning to.