8 wired brewing co. double coffee brown ale


8 wired brewing co double coffee brown aleIf you’ve been following us closely, by now you would know that we believe 8 wired is hands down the best brewery in New Zealand. Every beer they come out with is top shelf, which brings us to this coffee infused, highly hopped brown ale which, honestly sounds amazing.

Served in a shaker glass the mahogany pour reveals ruby hues when held to the light. The decent 1 finger beige cap eventually settles to a fine layer on top with healthy lacing. As to be expected a super strong presence of freshly roasted espresso coffee is flanked by gorgeous wafts of dark chocolate, brown candi sugar, ripened berries, vanilla, cocoa and hazelnut. Superb aroma. In the mouth it’s bold and creamy with mild-medium carbonation. Body is definitely on the fuller side. This is how brown ales should always be, we despise thin and watery brown ales. Initiating the flavour profile is a delicious and beautifully balanced combination of bitter roasted espresso, toffee and chocolate. This trio carries forward through the mid and is met by a creamy addition of vanilla. A subtle alcohol (8% ABV) warmth is picked up late before the bitter espresso finish shares the limelight with a trace of nuts and a slight suggestion of pepper. Wow, just wow this is an amazing beer it may be a touch of bias but this brewery is just world class, and this beer reflects that. Slightly complex, full flavoured, aromatic and perfectly balanced. We could drink this all night. What else can you ask for? Really.