8 Wired brewing ‘Wireless Black IPA’


imageWe recently tried the wireless IPA using brettanomyces and we thought it was ok, so when we saw this new beauty, we had to try. Again, brettanomyces was considered a horrible spoilage organism, but not anymore according to 8 wired. This particular strain elevates the fruitiness of the hops, leaves a dry and refreshing mouth feel, with a touch of funk.

Poured into a pint glass, we get a mat black colour with a 10mm tan head that retains really well. Again, we can smell the fruitiness of this drop from the table, and we have noticed this was the same as the standard wireless IPA ¬†using brettanomyces. We get roasted malts, bit of ash, and sweet juicy hops. Carbonation in the mouth is low and there is gentle bitterness which is really smooth on the palate. Mouthfeel is moderate and has good length. Flavour wise is full of roasted malts, stronger citrus hops like grapefruit, more ash, and just a hint again at the back palate of the brettanomyces strain which gives a farmhouse style funk. It’s so mild though that you really don’t worry about this slight sourness. It actually gives the whole mouthfeel a bit more complexity. There is a drying effect on the back palate as stated on the bottle. Sitting at 6.2% alc vol, it’s so well hidden with the malts and the hops. We have to admit, we like this brettanomyces yeast being used in this way. As per usual with 8 wired, the smoothness is a real factor and we could easily have more than one of these beers. Can’t wait to try more styles with this yeast.