8 wired ‘grand cru’ 2011 Pinot noir barrel aged. (Quad)


image“Grand Cru started out as The Sultan. When we made this beer last year I filled 8 old Pinot Noir barrels and more or less forgot about it. The native bugs in the barrels kept fermenting the beer, making it slightly sour. To further enhance the funky character, I blended it with 2 barrels of a Flanders Red kinda thing, that has also been fermenting funky for about 18 months”.

This brewery is just unbelievable this looks to be the most interesting and unusual 8 wired brew we have ever tried. From the bottle, we served this in a beer tulip, it’s pouring a murky mahogany-brown with red hues that are displayed when held against the light. A compacted yet well retained beige head is leaving reasonable lacing as we imbibe. On we roll to the aroma which is just something else. We’re picking up a dominant vinous element with whisky notes, oak, spice, brett, caramel, esters, vanilla, tart cherries/berries and alcohol. Brilliant stuff. Mildly carbonated in the mouth. Full bodied with a silky smooth texture. Upfront we’re tasting dark fruits and peppery spice with a good warming alcohol burn. The mid delivers a unique mix of oak, spice and a hint of coffee which leads on to a finish of tart berries and phenolic vinegar with lengthy duration on the back palate. Great beer, at 11% ABV the alcoholic burn comes in and out at the right times. The flavours are just phenomenal, how they class this as a quad is beyond us but hey, this is a world class quaffer right here. Our hats are off. Excellent brew.