AEgir Bryggeri ‘Littlebro’ Session IPA


imageHe might be the small baby of our IPA family but he stands up. Aromas of tropical fruits and citrus, ending nice and dry. With the patented Crown 360End lid, the name ‘Aegir’ means God of the sea in Nordic mythology.

We pour this little bad boy in a schooner glass and see a hazy orange full of yeast sediment. We love these wide rimmed cans. There’s a white thick head which gets to 10mm and slowly fades. We can see some carbonation through the haze. Solid icing like lacing on the glass. Aromas of pine, minty spice, citrus and sweet fruits. Great aroma for only 4.7% Alc vol. First sip is very tasty. Reminds us of the Ballast Point Even Keel session IPA. Mouthfeel is mild and sessionable. Carbonation is low as expected. Bitterness is surprising but balanced beautifully to give it some punch. More flavours of clean and crisp citrus, pine, malts, spice, and mild caramel malts which aren’t overly sweet. For a session IPA this ‘Littlebro’ certainly packs a decent bitterness on the palate..just lingering on and on. There is a drying on the tonsils that’s almost makes it itchy. Well, this has to be up there with some of the best session IPAs. Amazing bitterness, skillful balance and more importantly it’s tasty. It’s hard to brew a really good low Alc vol beer that tastes like a stronger version of itself. Kudos.