Alvarado Street Brewery ‘Coconut Boogie’ Imperial Brown Ale


“Imperial Brown Ale brewed with Toasted Coconut! Chocolately notes from layered roasted malts in the base beer combine with the creamy, decadent flavor of caramelized coconut for an experience not unlike almond joy candy.”

Glassware: American pint.

Appearance: Dark brown almost black with a thumb of brown foam perched on top. Steady reduction with decent lacing.

Aroma: Fairly subdued which is a tad surprising. There is a lot going on but we really need to dig our noses in. We pick up the coconut instantly – nice and fleshy like a freshly sliced coconut. Maybe a hint of Bounty bar in here too. Plenty of chocolate, vanilla, nutty malts, Malibu and a bit of booze also coming through.

Flavour: Wowsers now we know where all the aroma is…it’s been sucked in to the flavour! The flood gates open and send a raging torrent of coconut (fresh but also dessicated), chocolate, Malibu, vanilla, lightly roasted malts, coconut biscuits, cocoa and mixed spice. It pretty much holds this line then finishes with a nice roast, sweet coconut and bitter dark chocolate. And length for days!

Mouthfeel: Aerated and creamy. There’s a lively carbonation which also adds a bit of frothiness to the texture. Fairly light on with the 8.5% ABV intermittent.

Overall: We were a little unsure at first but once the beer hit the taste buds we knew we had the goods. This is now our 3rd entry for ASB and we’re yet to have anything less than superb. Keep em coming!