Australian Brewery & Bucket Boys Breakfast Brown Ale


20622051_730978747086273_3095706853348410373_n“Made with real honey alongside Golden Naked Oats and Lactose for body and sweetness. A tasty breakfast treat.”

Served in an English pint. It offers a deep cola hue with a big and fluffy three finger head. Retention is good, allowing a thick and wavy lace to stick to the glass as we imbibe.
There is a lovely contrast on the nose – really sweet and creamy with this lightly roasted chocolate malt filling it out. Seeing some nutty characters coming through along with the sweet milk sugars over the top. The only detraction is the subtle hint of metal but everything else is spot on.
It holds a nice weight in the mouth. One thing we hate is a thin and watery brown ale but this one is nice and creamy with medium body, mild co2 and a well hidden 6% ABV.
All of the flavours come on really nicely. The lactose sweetness, the milk sugars and the honey (which certainly isn’t as inhibited as it was on the nose). Tasting those dry and grainy oats through the middle as it delivers a toasty and slightly nutty finish with good duration on the back palate.
That’s a mighty fine brown ale right there. This isn’t our first crack at Australian Brewery’s range but it is our first introduction to Bucket Boys beer. Cheers to Jonathon and the rest of the crew. And yes we agree wholeheartedly….this IS how you make porridge.