Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Bighook’ ESB


16996312_652110018306480_1875532199909450282_n“We have used the traditional English hop Fuggle with the addition of some European Noble hops to give this classic style a nice spicy twist. Caramel malt sweetness is beautifully balanced by the hops to create a full flavoured easy drinking ale.”

Served in an English pint. We’re met with a deep rusted amber hue with a thumb of beige head over the top. Steady reduction, eventually settling to a fine layer of loose bubble that leaves a blotchy lace as it ebbs.
We know, we have an unhealthy obsession with Bacchus right now but with aromas like this you can not blame us! This simply hits its mark…and then some. A big impression of caramel malt wafts out while earthy hops pair up with the characteristic spicy floral notes of European Noble. Subtle apricot and white bread hinge on the lightly toasted malt backing as a soft syrupy honey fills it out. Brilliant.
All the aromas you could possible want in an ESB are here.
Nice effortless progression over the tongue with a bit of weight coming in from the body. Soft, squeaky texture with a carefully lifted Co2. 35 IBU.
That superb balance between the caramel malt sweetness and floral spicy hop carries in to the flavour with a steady push from the earthy Fuggles. Lovely bitterness through the middle as it sails in to a dry finish that offers a moreish buttery toffee sweetness on the rear. Heaven.
The best thing about this drop, in our opinion, is that you wouldn’t need to be a big ESB fan to enjoy it. It’s impeccably balanced, approachable, versatile and slightly hoppier than your traditional style. It’s interpretations like this that lead us to believe that they’re better on tap rather than the hand pump. Top shelf.