Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Blood Buccaneer’ Double Red IPA


image“A double version of our crimson corsair. Same recipe, just mashed at a lower temperature for a slightly drier body and higher ABV. The beer still has a lovely rich malt character balanced by the tropical American hops. Blood Buccaneer was aptly another nickname for the star wars character crimson corsair, a delphidian pirate who wore a distinctive red kaleesh mask and reputed as being the region’s best pirate.”

Served in an IPA glass. The attractive scarlet red body is capped by a big and foamy three finger head. It holds together incredibly well allowing a thick lace to stick to the glass.
The aroma is big and juicy with those magnificent malts only just eclipsing the fruity hops. It just exudes elegance with sweet sugary notes of caramel, toffee and butterscotch and the tropical mango, lychee, papaya and rockmelon tucked in right behind. Something a little piney and resinous in here too. Superb.
Smooth and somewhat gelatinous in texture but the 9.1% ABV presents itself quite directly. Body is nice and full with mild-moderate Co2.
Bit of a role reversal on the palate. That sweet malt flavour certainly comes through but the tropical fruits and bitter citrus fuse with the hop bitterness and dominate the fore. The malts progress nicely through the mid but is met with an assertive hop bitterness that rounds off on a dry, citric finish that provides good endurance on the back end.
We’ve had a couple beers from Bacchus recently that have missed the mark but this release reminds us why we had them as one of our best of 2016. This imperial red IPA is balanced almost to perfection with a big and warming booze to back it up. Loads of super sweet malts and tropical fruity hops for the senses. Solid offering.