Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Islay Reserve’ Smoked Barleywine


image“We’ve taken a grist of 100% heavy peated distilling malt sourced from Scotland and used a reiterated mash process with a 2.5 hour boil to produce a beer with incredible depth and flavour. Maturation in Octomore whisky barrels has rounded the beer beautifully, adding another layer of complexity.”

Served in a beer tulip. She even looks dangerous….like a wife with a knife! Copper coloured with a wispy head that vanishes before the bottle is put back down. We can literally smell this beast as it sits there on the table. We can’t actually work out where the beer ends and where the whisky starts. Behind that chest pumping and warming whisky character lies extremely potent notes of wet ash, residual sugars and bush fire smoke. Stand by for complete intoxication.
Let’s not mix words here…this beer devastates the palate. Low co2, low IBU and maximum alcohol (16%) burn. Medium body.
It’s all Islay whisky upfront: smoky, ash and molasses with a lick of rich toffee to sweeten up the deal a little bit. The unmistakable flavour of ash carries through the mid and finishes on a smoky and charred bacon note that endures a life time on the back end.
Wow. As novice whisky drinkers we almost can’t find the distinction between the two. Don’t let this small and unassuming bottle fool you, this packs one serious punch to the face. Our advice is this….if you LOVE whisky then this is the beer you’ve been waiting for….if not, then leave this well alone.