Bacchus Brewing Co. ‘Lamingtonne’ Imperial Dark Ale


15965504_628251787358970_6625057226194984572_n“Imperial version of our best selling lamington dark ale. No longer mimicking the light cake of the original, this is a full on luxurious coconut chocolate cake”.

Served in a beer tulip. The obsidian body is capped off by a finger of fizzy tan foam that rapidly collapsed to a collar with minimal lace being left behind.
To any Aussie the word ‘lamington’ should instantly make you salivate. For anyone who isn’t familiar with them they are an Australian culinary masterstroke that takes sponge cake, a coating of melted chocolate and is finished with sprinkles of coconut flakes. In other words….bloody delicious!! And who else to turn it in to a beer but Bacchus?! Once again they’ve got it dialled in with moreish wafts of coconut, chocolate sauce, raspberry jam, espresso, dark fruits, vanilla and a faint hint of booze. Pure indulgence folks!
Like so many of Bacchus’s dessert beers the Co2 level is lifted and gives the otherwise thick texture a bit of an unsuspecting boost. There’s also a belly warming heat from the 10% ABV as well but that should be a given.
We thought the aroma was exceptional…The flavour is dead set spot on. Once the initial warmth from the booze subsides the delicious coconut, chocolate, dark fruits and sweet doughy malts carve out that true flavour of the lamington. The finish is super sweet, boozy and a tad salty, which was weird, but nevertheless it doesn’t effect the overall experience of the beer.
Props again to Bacchus you’ve nailed it! The coconut, chocolate, jammy fruits and dark malts all combine to produce a beer that emulates a lamington to perfection. An uber boozy and liquefied lamington that is. We raise our glass to you good sirs.