Bacchus Brewing Co. ‘Sex, Drugs & Rocky Road’


14991953_597417253775757_6047948647124716665_n“Sex Drugs & Rocky Road – Amber Ale – 500ml (Alc 8.2%). Daryll Lea Rocky Road dessert in a glass. flavours of Peanuts, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Turkish Delight, Cherries & Hazelnuts. Gold Medal Winner AIBA 2014 & Runner-up peoples favourite of GABS 2014.”

Served in an English pint. The deep chestnut pour aroused a head that swells to about two fingers in height before it retracts to a thin sheet with spots of lace left in its wake. We definitely have an unhealthy obsession with Bacchus at the moment. But hey, who can blame us when they’re brewing beers that taste like chocolate bars and dessert!? This time around they’ve turned rocky road in to a beer and all we needed was one whiff to know they have hit the nail on the head. Wafts of Turkish delight, marshmallow, nuts, glazed cherries, vanilla and coconut are all encased in a milky chocolate malt coating. So indulgent! The feel of the beer in the mouth is light and gassy – far more carbonated than we were expecting. It works well though. The 8.2% ABV is extremely well hidden and the body sits around the medium mark. As it hits the lips we get a subtle salinity followed by a sweet salted caramel note. Then comes the wave of rocky road flavours – marshmallow, Turkish delight, nuts and chocolate. A gentle bitterness perks up around the mid and leads in to the smooth, decadent and super indulgent finish. On top of the delicious flavours, smooth texture and dangerously addictive aroma it actually improves as it comes up to room temperature. The Co2 settles and it becomes fuller in body. Geez if these guys aren’t careful our infatuation could quickly reach stalker level! Excellent offering keep it coming lads.